Rates Overview

Rategenie makes setting up and managing dynamic rates incredibly simple. Through the rates calendar, you’ll be able to fully manage and monitor rates across all of your connected rental properties.

Any changes made to your rates and settings will be reflected immediately in your calendar. There's no guesswork involved - you’ll be able to see exactly what’s being pushed to your channel listing.

Rates Page

  • Navigate to the Rates page

Use the date selector bar above the calendar to advance forwards or backwards in time by increments of weeks, months or years.

If you edit a rental’s rate settings or strategy, the rates on the calendar will not update to reflect the change until the calendar is refreshed.
  • You can refresh the rates calendar at any time by clicking the Refresh rates button at the top of the page.

  • To manually modify pricing for specific nights on the calendar, click and drag on the calendar to highlight the dates that you wish to edit the rates for.

    To learn more about creating manual rates, please see the Create New Rategenie Manual Rate article.
  • Synchronization of rates with all connected channels can be disabled by using the master Sync toggle at the top of the Rates page. Synchronization of listings can also be toggled by rental and by listing (channels). The master sync toggle does not affect these lower level sync settings.

  • Clicking on a date on the calendar will display the rate breakdown for that day’s rates. You can see all of the individual adjustments that were made to determine the final rate for the day.

Rental Overlay

  • Click on a rental in the calendar to open the Rental Overlay page for that rental.
  • Once the overlay calendar has been accessed, you can switch between tabs to manage different rates and settings for the chosen rental.

  • Each rental's rate synchronization can be toggled individually from within the rental overlay calendar. The rental sync toggle option is located at the top of the overlay page.

    This will stop rates synchronization for all listings associated with the rental, but does not alter the sync statuses of the individual listings within its inventory. So, once synchronization is turned back on, the original status for your listings sync will return.

Rategenie > Rates Page > Rental Overlay > Rates Calendar
  • Similar to the multicalendar on the main Rates page, clicking on a date in the Rental Overlay’s Rate Calendar will display a breakdown for that day’s rates. This breakdown will also include the channel adjustments made to determine the final rate.

Rategenie > Rates Page > Rental Overlay > Manual Rates
  • Click the Manual Rates tab to view the list of manual rates created for the rental. You can edit the existing rates, or create new ones by clicking the Add button.

Rategenie > Rates Page > Rental Overlay > Rate Mappings
  • Click the Rate Mappings tab to view all rate mappings created for your rental.

Rate mappings are not required for pushing rates to channels - they are only needed if the channel rate category currently selected for the channel differs from the channel rate category that you want your rates pushed to.
  • To find out more about how rate mappings work, please see the Create New Rategenie Rate Mapping article.

Rategenie > Rates Page > Rental Overlay > Settings
  • Click the Settings tab to access and edit the rental’s rate settings. These rate settings provide you with a fine level of control over how rates are generated for all listings in the rental's inventory.
Rental rate settings are optional. The settings will create parameters that will override your rental strategy when criteria is met.

  • You can assign multiple rentals to the same rate strategy and still have different pricing for each rental based on differences in the rental settings. Whenever a change is made to a rental’s rate settings, new rates will be generated for the rental.
  • Click the Save button to save any changes, or click the Clear button to remove the rental rates settings from your rental completely.

    To learn more about how the different rental rates settings affect your rates, please see the Rategenie Rental Rates Settings article.

Rategenie > Rates Page > Rental Overlay > Strategies
  • Click the Strategies tab to view the assigned rate strategy. Only one strategy can be assigned to a rental at a time. If no strategy is assigned to the rental, then the default rate strategy in the account will be used to generate rates in the calendar.

As always, please contact us with questions any time. We're happy to help.

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