We’ve integrated with Zeevou!

In Rategenie by Joel Bennett

We are pleased to announce that Zeevou can now use Rategenie rates!

Who is Zeevou?

Zeevou is a Property Management System and Channel Manager that automates almost all areas of your short term rental business, optimizes processes, and minimizes human error.

What does Zeevou offer?

Zeevou offers an all-in-one solution to reduce your stress and workload and prevent double bookings, operation management problems and unsatisfied guests. Zeevou software package includes a multi-location property management system, channel manager, unified inbox, automated booking and check-in processing, real-time reporting, cleaning management and mobile app.
Rategenie is now integrated with Zeevou and is able to generate rates for this PMS. Zeevou users can use these rates for their bookings and rentals by connecting with Rategenie and syncing rates.

How does it work? 

The features available are:

  •  Integration With Rategenie
  •  Competitive Prices
  •  Channel Manager
  •  Booking Processing
  •  Automated Communications
  •  Task Management
  •  Streamlined Check-In Management
  •  Remote Housekeeping Supervision
  •  Accounting & Bookkeeping

How do I add this integration?
To take advantage of this integration, you will need to have a Zeevou account. You can then connect it via the Rategenie integration page by following the steps mentioned in the guide here.