Rategenie: Dynamic Pricing for Vacation Rentals

In Rategenie by Joel Bennett

The developers at Tokeet are proud to introduce Rategenie, a powerful new dynamic pricing tool. It’s the latest in a series of add-on apps designed to give Tokeet users an unfair advantage in the vacation rental market.

With Rategenie, that advantage has never been more direct. Implementing our dynamic rates system has regularly improved rental revenues by 30%!

How Does It Work?

We’re glad you asked!

When we talk about “dynamic pricing”, we’re talking about fluctuating nightly rates at your vacation rental(s). When a busy holiday weekend approaches, the price goes up to meet demand. When there’s a large gap between bookings, the price goes down to keep your calendar full.

This is Vacation Rental 101 material – but it’s also a pain to keep up with. Manually adjusting rates to reflect your booking calendar, seasonal changes, holidays, and competition is a lot of effort.

Rategenie automates the entire process for you.

Once connected to your Tokeet account, the app will automatically import your rental listings and rates. From there, you’ll be able to create a dynamic rate strategy – a series of parameters that will trigger rate changes immediately.

Once your strategy is set, you simply sit back and let Rategenie drive your bookings. It’s really that easy.

The Perfect Prices

While the set up and implementation of Rategenie is easy on the user’s end, the system it uses to calculate rates is quite sophisticated. Various parameters specified by the user (or automatically set with a Genie Strategy) create a hierarchy of adjustment priorities.

Rategenie takes all of these factors into account and arrives on the most effective nightly rate – every night. When the variables change, the rates are updated to reflect the new scenario immediately.

Users can craft their strategies to their own likings and feel confident that Rategenie will make the right call every time. It’s a totally hands-off solution!


  • Automated rate adjustments
  • Automatic setup and rate syncing
  • Constant monitoring and updating
  • Local competitor research tools
  • Local events & holiday scanning & adjustments
  • Performance metrics
  • Fine control over every pricing parameter and variable
  • Effective, pre-made Genie Strategies
  • and much more!

How to Get Started

Getting started with Rategenie is simple. Tokeet’s dashboard already includes an Add Ons menu at the top of the screen – just select Rategenie and you’ll be on your way..

To begin using the app, all you have to do is log in with your Tokeet credentials!

We’re so confident in Rategenie’s effectiveness, we are offering our users unlimited free use until April 1st. There’s no commitment – just log in and try it out!

For more information on Rategenie’s features and pricing, please visit the app page at rategenie.io!

Free to use until April 1st!

For usage tutorials and video walkthroughs, visit the Rategenie HelpDocs site.